The research group FORMA URBIS Lab was created in 2006 following the selection by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia of the research project "The Street in Portugal - Morphological Inventory". It was constituted from the multidisciplinary team that was submited to the competition, composed of professors from the Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Lisbon, research fellows, masters and PhD students with the development of research related to the theme of urban form.

FORMA URBIS Lab has developed a network of relationships with research centers and research groups with common or complementary interests, as well as with national and international researchers involved in the work developed as collaborators or consultants.

The main goal of FORMA URBIS Lab is to build the Morphological Atlas of Portuguese city. For this purpose, the group develops and organizes a rigorous database, with a high quality of information, making it available not only to the team but to all the experts in this subject area, allowing the use of a single material source for the development and extension of research on urban morphology themes, with a focus on the Portuguese city.

FORMA URBIS Lab welcomes the development of collective and individual research on the general theme of the morphology and morphogenesis, while focusing in such different aspects as the urban fabric production processes, its evolution, the characteristics and properties of shapes and urban models, and of an approach to the city shape from the management plan perspective.